Sue Neill-Fraser’s conviction is wrong. Demand a Royal Commission. Sue needs you.

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Sue Neill-Fraser needs your help. She is now starting her 13th year in a  Tasmanian prison–serving a 23 sentence for (allegedly) murdering her  longtime partner, Bob Chappell.

Sue’s Trial was an entirely circumstantial case – no witnesses, no  body, no motive, no murder weapon, no forensics against Sue while plenty of missed evidence and other suspects who were not investigated. Bob’s body has never been found. Despite this, there was an  elephant in the court room – a large volume DNA sample found on  the deck of the yacht – DNA that proves someone else was aboard. The  owner of the DNA lied about her whereabouts. And police ignored her and her associates.

The Tasmania Police investigation was deeply flawed, devoid of  accepted crime scene principles and procedures, and thorough crime scene  analysis. The forensics were problematic. Police just cherry-picked  what forensics they wanted. Witnesses were mistaken. Some lied, others were never identified or followed up. Tunnel vision was rampant, early in the investigation and  continues today. Key exhibits remain untested.
The justice system has failed Sue. The jury were presented with  speculation on how Bob was killed and what murder weapon was used. An  eye witness has now broken her silence and in 2019 said on  national TV that she was there and saw her ex-boyfriend bludgeoned Bob  Chappell. Her DNA confirms her presence. Despite Sue being granted the  right to appeal, her appeal process has dragged on for years and was finally heard in March 2021, but the judgement has not yet been made. Sue’s probono legal team continue to fight for her conviction to be quashed.

Books and films are helping to provide the untold story. Southern Justice is a must read. Undercurrent TV seres exposes the truth – now on 7Plus and on Discovery+. has published over 140 articles on Sue’s case. Eminent lawyers have claimed this is the worst miscarriage of justice in Australia.


The case must be INDEPENDENTLY investigated and the real perpetrators charged and convicted. The evidence and information is compelling. A judicial inquiry/Royal Commission would be able to methodically explore how the police and legal system failed Sue and to identify any malpractice.
2013  Robert Richter QC and Greg Barnes SC wrote to the former Attorney-General seeking an inquiry. Rejected.
2017  Robert Richter QC, Eve Ash and Colin McLaren presented a detailed dossier to the Premier of Tasmania, the Acting AG and the Solicitor General, seeking the appointment of an Independent Commission of Inquiry headed by an interstate Judge with respected and experienced interstate homicide police investigators. Rejected.
2021  Barrister Hugh Selby and Sue Neill-Fraser’s former lawyer Barbara Etter presented a number of detailed documents detailing investigation flaws and non-disclosure by police and prosecutors, seeking intervention by AG Elise Archer. See August 2021 exposé of articles on Andrew Urban’s Wrongful Convictions Report


Sue is in her declining years, she is now in a wheel chair. Her partner was murdered, 12 years have been taken from her, along with property and reputation.
She needs her life back, to be back with her family, enjoy seeing her grandchildren and spending time with her friends.
PETITION FOR INDEPENDENT JUDICIAL INQUIRY: Please sign the petition and encourage others to sign.
Write directly seeking an Independent Judicial Inquiry to:
The Tasmanian Attorney-General, the Hon. Elise Archer
The Premier, The Hon. Peter Gutwein
Shadow Attorney General the Hon. Ella Haddad
Ask politicians to stop turning a blind eye to this travesty:
And send a copy to Sue Neill-Fraser PO BOX 24, Lindisfarne, TAS 7015.  She needs your support. Tasmania’s politicians need to sort this mess out!


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