Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG! There needs to be a Royal Commission.
Sue needs you.

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Sue Neill-Fraser needs your help. She is in her 10th year in a Tasmanian prison–serving a 23 sentence for (allegedly) murdering her longtime partner, Bob Chappell.

Sue’s Trial was an entirely circumstantial case; no witnesses, no body, no motive, no murder weapon, no forensics against Sue and loads of missed suspects. Bob’s body has never found. Despite this, there was an elephant in the court room – a massive puddle size DNA sample found on the deck of the yacht. DNA that proves someone else was aboard. The owner of the DNA lied about her whereabouts. And police just forgot about her.

The Tasmania Police investigation was deeply flawed, devoid of accepted crime scene principles and procedures, and thorough crime scene analysis. The forensics were problematic. Police just cherry-picked what forensics they wanted. Witnesses were mistaken. Some lied, others never located. Tunnel vision was rampant, early in the investigation and continues today. Key exhibits remain untested.

The court process has failed Sue. The jury were presented with speculation on how Bob was killed and what murder weapon was used. In actuality, no one is able to say what happened to Bob. He just disappeared! The appeal process has dragged on for years. She endures a constant battle to have her case reheard. Assisted by lawyers and experts working for free.

Books and films are helping to provide the untold story. Southern Justice has just been released. Undercurrent TV seres on air on Channel 7. Journalists and politicians are voicing their opinions. Civil Liberties Australia calls for a Royal Commission. Eminent lawyers have claimed this is the worst miscarriage of justice in Australia. Now it's your turn.


This travesty of justice must be fixed.

Sue needs to be back with her family, to enjoy seeing her grand-children and extended family, in her declining years. (She is now in a wheel chair.)

Please sign the petition.

The case must be INDEPENDENTLY investigated and the real perpetrators charged and convicted. The evidence and information is compelling. A Royal Commission would be able to methodically explore how the police and legal system failed Sue and to identify any malpractice.

You can write to the two leaders of the Tasmania political opposition; Cassy O’Connor MP (Greens) and Rebecca White MP (Labor Party). And send a copy to Sue Neill-Fraser PO BOX 24, Lindisfarne, TAS 7015. She needs your support. Tasmania’s politicians need to sort this mess out!


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