Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

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Dec 20  Sue Neill-Fraser vigil in Hobart tomorrow

Dec 13 Sue Neill-Fraser appeal delayed to May 2020

Nov 13  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal set for March 2020

SEP 04  Qld & Vic prosecutors set example for Tas prosecutor

Aug 27  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal not before 2020

Aug 26  Sue Neill-Fraser news overlooked at Hobart Mercury?

Aug 22  Sue Neill-Fraser case demands Royal Commission: Richter QC

Aug 15  Sue Neill-Fraser arrest 10th anniversary – Tasmania’s shame

Aug 14  ‘I will tell the court’: Meaghan Vass

Aug 12  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal will rest on real evidence

Aug 4  Integrity Commission dismisses complaint

Aug 3  Sue Neill-Fraser guarded optimism at appeal start

Aug 2  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal papers lodged

Jul 27  Questions for Sue Neill-Fraser case after Lawyer X

Jun 18  Complaint to the Integrity Commission Tasmania

May 31  Sue Neill-Fraser petition close to 15,000 signatures

May 10  Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser

Apr 29  Murder scene DNA – Coroner shrugs

Apr 28  Barbara Etter – the facts

Apr 23  Open letter to Tasmanian AG Elise Archer MP re TasPol & Meaghan Vass

Apr 18  Meaghan Vass told police ‘No comment’ – prosecution tells court

Apr 16  UPDATE: Sue Neill-Fraser key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 15  Sue Neill-Fraser case: key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 11  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser – no hope for early release unless prosecution cave in

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 8  Release Sue Neill-Fraser now, readers demand

Apr 7  Sue Neill-Fraser’s first appeal – what went wrong

Apr 6  Meaghan Vass’ eye witness testimony changes everything

Apr 2  Sue Neill-Fraser case must trigger reforms

Mar 23  Open letter to the killers of Bob Chappell

Mar 22  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: a menu of options

Mar 21  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to go ahead, amidst tough questions

Mar 13  Sue Neill-Fraser and the self contradicting DPP

Mar 12  Police respond to Meaghan Vass admission on 60 Minutes

Mar 12  Sue Neill-Fraser – In steps of Lindy Chamberlain?

Mar 11  Sue Neill-Fraser innocent? Witness Vass says so on 60 Minutes

Mar 7  Undercurrent – the wash swamps the conviction

Mar 5  Undercurrent Ep 6 showcased at AIDC

Feb 28  Undercurrent – the end is nigh

Feb 19  Death on the Derwent: a crime writer's probe into the Sue Neill-Fraser convictionFeb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 18  Sue Neill-Fraser case: “tainted view” v facts

Feb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 15  Sue Neill-Fraser – justice delayed … deliberately?

Feb 12  Abuse of Power – Tasmania style

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser – evidence went missing

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser case – Colin McLaren & a very cross examination

Jan 31  Sue Neill-Fraser Petition for Royal Commission

Jan 30  Who killed Bob Chappell? The cops don’t know but we do…

Jan 29  Sue Neill-Fraser & Southern Justice: the itch that won’t be calmed

Jan 28  Sue Neill-Fraser – Royal Commission to shine a light

Jan 27  Sue Neill-Fraser author Colin McLaren to be silenced?

Jan 26  Sue Neill-Fraser – 10th anniversary of two catastrophes

Jan 23  Sue Neill-Fraser case media frenzy coming

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