Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

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Dec 23 Duty of disclosure lasts forever The duty of disclosure of “all matters within their knowledge” applies to all those who represent the Crown – and is a duty in perpetuity, write BIBI SANGHA and Dr BOB MOLES of Flinders University, in their December 21, 2022, …

Dec 16 Sue Neill-Fraser case for CCRC Following two unsuccessful appeals against her conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell and twice refused leave to appeal to the High Court, Sue Neill-Fraser’s controversial 12 year old conviction is an ideal matter …

Dec 15 Sue Neill-Fraser not a stereotypical killer – Parole Board Tasmania’s Parole Board has published its reasons for releasing Sue Neill-Fraser on parole after 13 years (of a 23 year sentence), and noted that she did not present like a stereotypical killer. The Parole Board said Mr Chappell’s death was …

Nov 28 Strictly legal – seminar provides lesson in law for judge The President of the Law Society and the Attorney-General of Tasmania must provide legal references if they disagree with the points raised by Dr BOB MOLES* in his address at the seminar, Lifting the Lid on Miscarriages of Justice…

Nov 27 Everyone pays the price for silence … Tasmania warned The Hobart Mercury’s crime reporter David Killick’s Nov. 26, 2022, scathing analysis of Tasmanian Attorney-General’s latest decision makes sobering reading.

Nov 26 Tasmania’s O’Farrell Review – questions raised by MP A series of probing questions have been placed on the Legislative Council Notice Paper about the already disgraced O’Farrell Review into illegal surveillance in Risdon prison, a fallout of the Sue Neill-Fraser case.

Nov 18 Why the courts have not silenced the uproar over Sue Neill-Fraser case Tasmania’s legal establishment wants to shut it down but the continuing uproar of dissent over the demonstrable wrongful conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser will not be silenced. As we show here, there is a great deal to uproar…

Nov 15 Sue Neill-Fraser injustice product of ‘our Tasmanian legal fraternity’ Former Hobart prosecutor Tony Jacobs has reviewed the case of Sue Neill-Fraser and found many reasons for the conviction to be overturned, urging the Law Society to “help correct this injustice, the product of our Tasmanian legal…

Nov 11 Review of illegal surveillance possibly illegal, too
A media release by the Independent member for Nelson, Tasmania, reveals the O’Farrell Review into the illegal prison surveillance of Jeff Thompson would possibly be illegal itself. The following is a media release issued yesterday by Nelson Independent, Meg Webb…

Oct 4 Sue Neill-Fraser out on parole Sue Neill-Fraser was released on parole this morning and driven to the parole office in Hobart by her two daughters, Sarah Bowles and Emma Fraser-Meeker, reported the ABC.

Oct 3 The truth will set you free … from totalitarianism – Tasmania please note “When a society loses the desire to know the truth, that is a precursor to totalitarianism,” observed author, Holocaust survivor and political philosopher Hanna Arendt (1906 – 1975). Tasmanian society is now seeing that observation come closer to realisation around…

Sept 30 Clayton’s review into police prison surveillance The terms of reference for an inquiry into the unlawful use of surveillance devices in Risdon Prison downplay any wrongdoing by Tasmania Police involved in the operation, reports David Killick in the Hobart Mercury today (Sept. 30, 2022).

Sept 18 Parole for Sue Neill-Fraser doesn’t correct the miscarriage of justice She’s on parole. But Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell remains undisturbed – and controversially unjust. Her two appeals were dismissed; her two High Court applications seeking leave to appeal

Sep 16  Sue Neill-Fraser paroled It’s been a bitter-sweet day for wrongful convictions today (16/9/22) with Derek Bromley’s leave to appeal his 38 year old murder conviction referred to the full Court (as we reported earlier) and Sue Neill-Fraser granted parole after 13 years in …

Sep 03  llegal TasPol snooping to be reviewed by TasPol defender Michael O’Farrell SC That great State of renowned legal probity and justice, Tasmania, has announced its response to Brett J’s judgement that police illegally recorded prison conversations for two months…

Aug 27  The lawless country? You might sleep soundly in the belief that Australia has a robust, fair and competent criminal justice system. Dream on. The System itself sometimes contributes to lawlessness in the administration of justice.

Aug 26  “impugned evidence was obtained unlawfully” against lawyer Jeff Thompson says judge Protection from unlawful surveillance by law enforcement is of significant public importance, stated Brett J in his judgement against TasPol in the five year old case of Hobart lawyer Jeff Thompson, which was dropped (nolle prosequi) on August 8, 2022.

Aug 23  Integrity Commission Tasmania complaint & response The High Court’s dismissal of Sue Neill-Fraser’s application seeking leave to appeal (August 12, 2022) leaves unresolved the matter of inadmissible forensic evidence at trial and the lack of disclosure of that error to the courts.

Aug 19  A proven murderer? Or a catastrophic failure of the legal system? Since her arrest for murder 13 years ago tomorrow (20/8/2022), up to the latest High Court decision a week ago, Sue Neill-Fraser’s case has moved slowly through the courts. The 2010 trial, the appeal, the seeking leave …

Aug 15  High Court fails again on justice being seen to be done The High Court – judges Stephen Gageler, Simon Steward and Jacqueline Gleeson – has refused Sue Neill-Fraser leave-to-appeal her murder conviction on Friday 12 August 2022 after a 45-minute hearing, and five minutes of conferring between themselves.

Aug 14  Analysis of a press report on the High Court decision re Sue Neill-Fraser Here is an example of why the average person in the street cannot rely on press reports to be fully informed about matters relevant to wrongful convictions.

Aug 13  The Legend of Sue Neill-Fraser With the High Court’s August 12, 2022 refusal (the second time in 10 years) to grant Sue Neill-Fraser special leave to appeal her 2010 conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner, Bob Chappell, she has assumed legendary status.

Aug 12  High Noon at High Court – Sue Neill-Fraser refused leave to appeal The High Court today refused Sue Neill-Fraser leave to appeal her 2010 murder conviction for the 2009 murder of her partner Bob Chappell. The devastating decision comes eight days before the 13th anniversary of her arrest.

Aug 08  Jeff Thompson case finally nolle prosequi The controversial, five year old charge of perverting justice against Hobart solicitor Jeff Thompson was dropped (nolle prosequi) today before Justice Brett in Hobart’s Supreme Court. Thompson was one of the figures in the long running saga of the Sue Neill-Fraser case, which goes to the High Court four days after this decision, seeking leave to appeal.

Jun 09  Tas Govt ignores calls for a review, petition climbs over 32,300 Requests to the Tasmanian Premier and Attorney-General for comment on the Etter/Selby documents repudiating the police investigation into Bob Chappell’s disappearance tabled in Parliament last August have been ignored, while signatures on the petition calling for a …

Apr 05  Dear Attorney – your silence is damning We publish this self-explanatory letter we wrote to Tasmania’s Attorney-General, The Hon. Elise Archer, to demonstrate the State’s callous disregard for transparency and for ensuring that justice is served in the case of Sue Neill-Fraser.

Mar 30  Did Inspector Powell have the answers in the murder investigation? ‘Who knows?’ Retired Hobart police Inspector Peter Powell led the investigation into the disappearance-turned-murder of Bob Chappell on Australia Day 2009, which led to the arrest and 2010 conviction of Sue Neill-Fraser for Chappell’s murder. But …

Mar 27 The police inspector, the reporter, the filmmaker and the truth Retired Hobart police Inspector Peter Powell has come out of the woodwork trying to discredit the 90 page Etter Selby dossier, critical of the 2009 police investigation which he led, into the now controversial case of Sue Neill-Fraser. But his …

Mar 02 Former Sue Neill-Fraser lawyer Barbara Etter’s mixed results in court It has taken some seven years but the Tasmanian DPP’s complaint against former Sue Neill-Fraser lawyer Barbara Etter has been dismissed, while other complaints are upheld.

Mar 02 Former Hobart police inspector’s newspaper claim contradicted by evidence A claim reported in The Australian (March 2, 2022) that “The policeman in charge of the Susan Neill-Fraser murder ­investigation has quashed a key claim used to justify calls for a royal commission-style inquiry,” is contradicted by …

Feb 19  Sue Neill-Fraser alleged 2016 prison phone conversation underlines need for a review of her case
Sue Neill-Fraser’s alleged 2016 phone conversation from prison, newly revealed, in which she is claimed to express regret for having returned to Four Winds “that night”, raises more doubt, underlines the need for a full review of …

Feb 14  Crown’s sloppy response to Sue Neill-Fraser’s High Court appeal application
An almost comically hapless document from the Tasmanian DPP’s office has been lodged with the High Court in response to the application seeking leave from Sue Neill-Fraser, as legal academic Dr Bob Moles found.

Jan 30  Australia Day Sinnitt award…should it be sinbin award?
We are eager to recognise meritorious service in the police service wherever it occurs in Australia …perhaps especially so in Tasmania. But we cannot applaud the Australia Day Award recognising Detective Sergeant Sinnitt, he of Sue Neill-Fraser …

Jan 21  Australia Day 2022 Hobart – marks dark day for justice
Was it Sam Devine who killed Bob Chappell 13 years ago this Australia Day? Was Sue Neill-Fraser wrongfully convicted of murdering Bob and jailed for 23 years? These are key questions raised by eye-witness testimony and legal …

Jan 13  Legal academic identifies errors in judgement of Sue Neill-Fraser’s failed appeal
Sue Neill-Fraser is now seeking leave to appeal to the High Court to overturn her 2010 conviction for the murder of her partner Bob Chappell, after her 2020 appeal was dismissed 2:1 by the Tasmanian Court of Appeal. Edited extracts…

Jan 12  Sue Neill-Fraser looking to High Court for justice
Sue Neill-Fraser’s anticipated application seeking leave to appeal to The High Court has now been lodged, hoping to overturn the Tasmanian Court of Appeal dismissal.

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Dec 16  Hobart rally calling for Sue Neill-Fraser inquiry
Sue Neill-Fraser supporters will hold a rally on Saturday December 18, 2021, calling for an inquiry into her case.

Dec 08  Why Sue Neill-Fraser jury verdict is unsafe
In the long-running matter of Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 murder conviction, some people still rely on the jury’s guilty verdict; but a jury’s verdict is (usually) based on the facts and evidence presented to them.

Dec 07  ABC RN Law Report guests consider the DNA ‘possibilities’ after dismissal of Sue Neill-Fraser appeal
Meaghan Vass’ DNA deposit on the Four Winds being the sole focus of Sue Neill-Fraser’s second appeal (decision announced November 30, 2021).

Dec 06  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal judges contribute to catastrophic failure of the Tasmanian justice system
Legal errors and mistakes in the majority judges’ reasoning in dismissing Sue Neill-Fraser’s latest appeal against her murder conviction further disgrace Tasmania’s legal system.

Dec 04  ‘Enough’ is not enough, Sue Neill-Fraser supporters stand firm
It is not surprising that TasPol would want legal challenges to Sue Neill-Fraser’s 2010 murder conviction shut down…

Dec 03  Sue Neill-Fraser fundraising rebooted
New arrangements have been made to raise funds towards a campaign of public information to negate the false narrative built around her by police and the ODPP…

Dec 02  Funds begin to flow for Sue Neill-Fraser campaign – but go-fund-me shuts it down
The Go-Fund-Me page was set up on Wednesday evening at about 8pm; we published the following report at 8:19 on Thursday, December 2, 2021. It was shut down shortly after 9am.

Nov 30  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal judges’ mistaken view
In the reasons published by the judges in the Sue Neill-Fraser appeal, they had to have considered “all of the evidence at the trial.

Nov 30  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal dismissed 2:1
In another judgement (after the trial and the first appeal) that will forever be a stain on Tasmania’s legal system, Sue Neill-Fraser’s latest appeal

Nov 26  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal decision on Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Nov 19  Telling it like it isn’t to the Sue Neill-Fraser jury
An uninformed or misinformed jury can’t be expected to arrive at a safe, reliable verdict that serves justice. Did Sue Neill-Fraser’s jury hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Nov 17  Who Killed Bob? The Podcast
A homeless girl’s DNA, a strange grey dinghy, witness misidentification, tunnel vision, no murder weapon, no body, an impossible murder scenario … nothing adds up to a valid murder conviction in the case of Sue Neill-Fraser.

Nov 10  What supporters of Sue Neill-Fraser’s prosecutor have to say
We have rejected for publication a barrage of recent comments (11 at last count) from a reader who is advocating in favour of Sue Neill-Fraser’s conviction and defending the prosecutor, Tim Ellis SC.

Nov 9  Did Sue Neill-Fraser’s defence counsel contribute to her conviction?
Sue Neill-Fraser was convicted of murdering her partner Bob Chappell on Australia Day 2009, aboard their recently purchased yacht, Four Winds. His body was never found. It wasn’t enough that the police investigation was a miserable wreck, …

Oct 30  Sue Neill-Fraser and the High Court: what went wrong?

Oct 22  Tasmanian legal system on trial

Oct 20  Is Tasmanian Parliament complicit in covering up injustice?

Oct 19  Non-contentious legal principles to overturn Sue Neill-Fraser conviction – by consensus

Oct 08  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: if Vass ‘wasn’t on the boat’ why insert herself into the case after trial?

Oct 04  QUIZ – test your knowledge of the Sue Neill-Fraser case

Oct 01  INSIDE STORY: Sue Neill-Fraser – and Karen Keefe as ‘collateral damage’

Sep 30  Grey dinghy turns white on water and shrinks – DPP tells appeal judge

Sep 29  Why a Parliamentary Inquiry is the best process to scrutinise the case of Sue Neill-Fraser

Sep 28  What a difference a dinghy makes – incorrect testimony misled the court

Sep 23  ‘The homeless girl’, the bikie, the blue rag, TasPol, the lawyers and how it all went pear shaped
The inside story of eyewitness Meaghan Vass, ‘the homeless girl’ at the centre of the Sue Neill-Fraser drama, told by the woman who became her friend, her supporter and her champion – ANDREA ‘ANDY’ BROWN.

Sep 22  What the Sue Neill-Fraser jury heard – and not heard: Letter to Editor

Sep 17  Do the Police and the Prosecutor in Sue Neill-Fraser case stand by the forensic scientist’s evidence?
We respectfully request Police Commissioner Darren Hine, Police Association’s Colin Riley, Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC and the Director of Forensic Science Service Tasmania to confirm their trust...

Sep 16  Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC, defends the conviction, but …
In a rare public comment (Mercury, Sept. 16, 2021) on a case in which he was prosecutor, former Tasmanian DPP, Tim Ellis SC, defends...

Sep 15  Truculent police response to new evidence in Sue Neill-Fraser case backfires

Sep 15  Former Premier & A-G calls for Sue Neill-Fraser case review

Sep 10  We don’t call it solitary confinement – Director of Prisons Tasmania

Sep 10  If so confident, police should welcome Sue Neill-Fraser Inquiry – SNF Group President

Sep 9  Sue Neill-Fraser petition for inquiry passes 25,000 signatures

Sep 8  Belligerence v evidence bedevils Sue Neill-Fraser dispute

Sep 06  ‘Sue is okay’ and accepts she did the wrong thing say visitors

Sep 06  Why Tasmanian police are smarting – not acting smart

Sep 05  Solitary confinement in Australian prisons – a study note

Sep 05  Sue Neill-Fraser in solitary

Sep 03  Tasmania’s legal authorities have something to say about the Sue Neill-Fraser case.

Sep 03  Tas Police Commissioner said what?

Sep 02  A day in the life – Sue Neill-Fraser

Aug 31  Tas. Legislative Council hears case to reopen Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 23  “Tasmania, we’ve got you cowered”

Aug 22  Could a prosecutor convince a jury of murder without proof?

Aug 20  How and why a villain became a key witness for the prosecution

Aug 16  EDITORIAL New evidence demands reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 16  Reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal – a step by step guide

Aug 15  Found, abandoned, contaminated, misrepresented – sad story of the red jacket

Aug 14  Has Tasmania’s legal system gone rogue?

Aug 14  The riddle of the DPP

Aug 13  Grey dinghy, case closed

Aug 12  CORRUPTION FILE: A trial derailed by sloppiness inside the Prosecutor’s office, in the Sue Neill-Fraser murder case

Aug 09  OPINION – Reopen appeal or risk cover-up? Attorney-General’s wicked problem

Aug 07  The death of Bob Chappell & the damnation of TasPol: call for the Tasmanian A-G to ask to re-open the appeal of Sue Neill-Fraser

Aug 02  TasPol failed to disclose key evidence and ran a flawed investigation into the death of Bob Chappell: report

Jul 01  What if … continued: how another appeal by Sue Neill-Fraser could get to court

Jul 01  What if … a worst case scenario for Sue Neill-Fraser

Jun 26  Long sentences that don’t make sense

Jun 21  What we’ve learned about the administration of the law in Tasmania

Jun 20  Legal Profession Board complaint against …. who was that?

Jun 16  ENQUIRY into Sue Neill-Fraser’s unlawful murder conviction

Jun 12  Tasmania – where The Law wears protection

May 30  Famous last words – the prosecutor’s closing address at the Sue Neill-Fraser trial

May 27  Sue Neill-Fraser – the crux of the appeal & best case scenario

Apr 22  Prosecutor’s allegation haunts forthcoming Jeff Thompson trial

Apr 22  Shadow of Doubt – the movie that shone a light

Mar 27  Meaghan Vass abandoned by the court

Mar 26  Meaghan Vass – the aftermath interview

Mar 16  Keep Vass off the boat!

Mar 15  Witness (un)protection

Mar 12  Red flag about the blue rag

Mar 10  Sue Neill-Fraser – conviction rests on a dark fantasy

Feb 26  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal check list

Feb 24  Robert Richter QC to lead Sue Neill-Fraser appeal team

Feb 18  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal – logistics update

Feb 14  Sue Neill-Fraser supreme court appeal – evidence Fact Sheet letterbox drop

Jan 24  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to start soon – but will it end the nightmare?

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Dec 20  Sue Neill-Fraser vigil in Hobart tomorrow

Dec 13 Sue Neill-Fraser appeal delayed to May 2020

Nov 13  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal set for March 2020

SEP 04  Qld & Vic prosecutors set example for Tas prosecutor

Aug 27  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal not before 2020

Aug 26  Sue Neill-Fraser news overlooked at Hobart Mercury?

Aug 22  Sue Neill-Fraser case demands Royal Commission: Richter QC

Aug 15  Sue Neill-Fraser arrest 10th anniversary – Tasmania’s shame

Aug 14  ‘I will tell the court’: Meaghan Vass

Aug 12  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal will rest on real evidence

Aug 4  Integrity Commission dismisses complaint

Aug 3  Sue Neill-Fraser guarded optimism at appeal start

Aug 2  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal papers lodged

Jul 27  Questions for Sue Neill-Fraser case after Lawyer X

Jun 18  Complaint to the Integrity Commission Tasmania

May 31  Sue Neill-Fraser petition close to 15,000 signatures

May 10  Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser

Apr 29  Murder scene DNA – Coroner shrugs

Apr 28  Barbara Etter – the facts

Apr 23  Open letter to Tasmanian AG Elise Archer MP re TasPol & Meaghan Vass

Apr 18  Meaghan Vass told police ‘No comment’ – prosecution tells court

Apr 16  UPDATE: Sue Neill-Fraser key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 15  Sue Neill-Fraser case: key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 11  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser – no hope for early release unless prosecution cave in

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 8  Release Sue Neill-Fraser now, readers demand

Apr 7  Sue Neill-Fraser’s first appeal – what went wrong

Apr 6  Meaghan Vass’ eye witness testimony changes everything

Apr 2  Sue Neill-Fraser case must trigger reforms

Mar 23  Open letter to the killers of Bob Chappell

Mar 22  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: a menu of options

Mar 21  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to go ahead, amidst tough questions

Mar 13  Sue Neill-Fraser and the self contradicting DPP

Mar 12  Police respond to Meaghan Vass admission on 60 Minutes

Mar 12  Sue Neill-Fraser – In steps of Lindy Chamberlain?

Mar 11  Sue Neill-Fraser innocent? Witness Vass says so on 60 Minutes

Mar 7  Undercurrent – the wash swamps the conviction

Mar 5  Undercurrent Ep 6 showcased at AIDC

Feb 28  Undercurrent – the end is nigh

Feb 19  Death on the Derwent: a crime writer's probe into the Sue Neill-Fraser convictionFeb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 18  Sue Neill-Fraser case: “tainted view” v facts

Feb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 15  Sue Neill-Fraser – justice delayed … deliberately?

Feb 12  Abuse of Power – Tasmania style

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser – evidence went missing

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser case – Colin McLaren & a very cross examination

Jan 31  Sue Neill-Fraser Petition for Royal Commission

Jan 30  Who killed Bob Chappell? The cops don’t know but we do…

Jan 29  Sue Neill-Fraser & Southern Justice: the itch that won’t be calmed

Jan 28  Sue Neill-Fraser – Royal Commission to shine a light

Jan 27  Sue Neill-Fraser author Colin McLaren to be silenced?

Jan 26  Sue Neill-Fraser – 10th anniversary of two catastrophes

Jan 23  Sue Neill-Fraser case media frenzy coming

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