Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

Sue Neill-Fraser Support Group Publications – 2021

Wrongful Convictions Report – Articles 2021

Oct 04  QUIZ – test your knowledge of the Sue Neill-Fraser case

Sep 29  Why a Parliamentary Inquiry is the best process to scrutinise the case of Sue Neill-Fraser

Sep 28  What a difference a dinghy makes – incorrect testimony misled the court

Sep 22  What the Sue Neill-Fraser jury heard – and not heard: Letter to Editor

Sep 17  Do the Police and the Prosecutor in Sue Neill-Fraser case stand by the forensic scientist’s evidence?
We respectfully request Police Commissioner Darren Hine, Police Association’s Colin Riley, Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC and the Director of Forensic Science Service Tasmania to confirm their trust...

Sep 16  Sue Neill-Fraser prosecutor Tim Ellis SC, defends the conviction, but …
In a rare public comment (Mercury, Sept. 16, 2021) on a case in which he was prosecutor, former Tasmanian DPP, Tim Ellis SC, defends...

Sep 15  Truculent police response to new evidence in Sue Neill-Fraser case backfires

Sep 15  Former Premier & A-G calls for Sue Neill-Fraser case review

Sep 10  We don’t call it solitary confinement – Director of Prisons Tasmania

Sep 10  If so confident, police should welcome Sue Neill-Fraser Inquiry – SNF Group President

Sep 9  Sue Neill-Fraser petition for inquiry passes 25,000 signatures

Sep 8  Belligerence v evidence bedevils Sue Neill-Fraser dispute

Sep 06  ‘Sue is okay’ and accepts she did the wrong thing say visitors

Sep 06  Why Tasmanian police are smarting – not acting smart

Sep 05  Solitary confinement in Australian prisons – a study note

Sep 05  Sue Neill-Fraser in solitary

Sep 03  Tasmania’s legal authorities have something to say about the Sue Neill-Fraser case.

Sep 03  Tas Police Commissioner said what?

Sep 02  A day in the life – Sue Neill-Fraser

Aug 31  Tas. Legislative Council hears case to reopen Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 23  “Tasmania, we’ve got you cowered”

Aug 22  Could a prosecutor convince a jury of murder without proof?

Aug 20  How and why a villain became a key witness for the prosecution

Aug 16  EDITORIAL New evidence demands reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal

Aug 16  Reopening Sue Neill-Fraser appeal – a step by step guide

Aug 15  Found, abandoned, contaminated, misrepresented – sad story of the red jacket

Aug 14  Has Tasmania’s legal system gone rogue?

Aug 14  The riddle of the DPP

Aug 13  Grey dinghy, case closed

Aug 12  CORRUPTION FILE: A trial derailed by sloppiness inside the Prosecutor’s office, in the Sue Neill-Fraser murder case

Aug 09  OPINION – Reopen appeal or risk cover-up? Attorney-General’s wicked problem

Aug 07  The death of Bob Chappell & the damnation of TasPol: call for the Tasmanian A-G to ask to re-open the appeal of Sue Neill-Fraser

Aug 02  TasPol failed to disclose key evidence and ran a flawed investigation into the death of Bob Chappell: report

Jul 01  What if … continued: how another appeal by Sue Neill-Fraser could get to court

Jul 01  What if … a worst case scenario for Sue Neill-Fraser

Jun 26  Long sentences that don’t make sense

Jun 21  What we’ve learned about the administration of the law in Tasmania

Jun 20  Legal Profession Board complaint against …. who was that?

Jun 16  ENQUIRY into Sue Neill-Fraser’s unlawful murder conviction

Jun 12  Tasmania – where The Law wears protection

May 30  Famous last words – the prosecutor’s closing address at the Sue Neill-Fraser trial

May 27  Sue Neill-Fraser – the crux of the appeal & best case scenario

Apr 22  Prosecutor’s allegation haunts forthcoming Jeff Thompson trial

Apr 22  Shadow of Doubt – the movie that shone a light

Mar 27  Meaghan Vass abandoned by the court

Mar 26  Meaghan Vass – the aftermath interview

Mar 16  Keep Vass off the boat!

Mar 15  Witness (un)protection

Mar 12  Red flag about the blue rag

Mar 10  Sue Neill-Fraser – conviction rests on a dark fantasy

Feb 26  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal check list

Feb 24  Robert Richter QC to lead Sue Neill-Fraser appeal team

Feb 18  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal – logistics update

Feb 14  Sue Neill-Fraser supreme court appeal – evidence Fact Sheet letterbox drop

Jan 24  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to start soon – but will it end the nightmare?

Wrongful Convictions Report – Articles 2020

Civil Liberties Australia – Articles 2020

Wrongful Convictions Report – Articles 2019

Dec 20  Sue Neill-Fraser vigil in Hobart tomorrow

Dec 13 Sue Neill-Fraser appeal delayed to May 2020

Nov 13  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal set for March 2020

SEP 04  Qld & Vic prosecutors set example for Tas prosecutor

Aug 27  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal not before 2020

Aug 26  Sue Neill-Fraser news overlooked at Hobart Mercury?

Aug 22  Sue Neill-Fraser case demands Royal Commission: Richter QC

Aug 15  Sue Neill-Fraser arrest 10th anniversary – Tasmania’s shame

Aug 14  ‘I will tell the court’: Meaghan Vass

Aug 12  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal will rest on real evidence

Aug 4  Integrity Commission dismisses complaint

Aug 3  Sue Neill-Fraser guarded optimism at appeal start

Aug 2  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal papers lodged

Jul 27  Questions for Sue Neill-Fraser case after Lawyer X

Jun 18  Complaint to the Integrity Commission Tasmania

May 31  Sue Neill-Fraser petition close to 15,000 signatures

May 10  Open letter 2 to Tasmanian Attorney General Re TasPol & Meaghan Vass in matter Sue Neill-Fraser

Apr 29  Murder scene DNA – Coroner shrugs

Apr 28  Barbara Etter – the facts

Apr 23  Open letter to Tasmanian AG Elise Archer MP re TasPol & Meaghan Vass

Apr 18  Meaghan Vass told police ‘No comment’ – prosecution tells court

Apr 16  UPDATE: Sue Neill-Fraser key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 15  Sue Neill-Fraser case: key witness denies recanting to police

Apr 11  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser – no hope for early release unless prosecution cave in

Apr 10  Sue Neill-Fraser case of universal interest

Apr 8  Release Sue Neill-Fraser now, readers demand

Apr 7  Sue Neill-Fraser’s first appeal – what went wrong

Apr 6  Meaghan Vass’ eye witness testimony changes everything

Apr 2  Sue Neill-Fraser case must trigger reforms

Mar 23  Open letter to the killers of Bob Chappell

Mar 22  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal: a menu of options

Mar 21  Sue Neill-Fraser appeal to go ahead, amidst tough questions

Mar 13  Sue Neill-Fraser and the self contradicting DPP

Mar 12  Police respond to Meaghan Vass admission on 60 Minutes

Mar 12  Sue Neill-Fraser – In steps of Lindy Chamberlain?

Mar 11  Sue Neill-Fraser innocent? Witness Vass says so on 60 Minutes

Mar 7  Undercurrent – the wash swamps the conviction

Mar 5  Undercurrent Ep 6 showcased at AIDC

Feb 28  Undercurrent – the end is nigh

Feb 19  Death on the Derwent: a crime writer's probe into the Sue Neill-Fraser convictionFeb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 18  Sue Neill-Fraser case: “tainted view” v facts

Feb 16  Sue Neill-Fraser – crunch time on the DNA

Feb 15  Sue Neill-Fraser – justice delayed … deliberately?

Feb 12  Abuse of Power – Tasmania style

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser – evidence went missing

Feb 07  Sue Neill-Fraser case – Colin McLaren & a very cross examination

Jan 31  Sue Neill-Fraser Petition for Royal Commission

Jan 30  Who killed Bob Chappell? The cops don’t know but we do…

Jan 29  Sue Neill-Fraser & Southern Justice: the itch that won’t be calmed

Jan 28  Sue Neill-Fraser – Royal Commission to shine a light

Jan 27  Sue Neill-Fraser author Colin McLaren to be silenced?

Jan 26  Sue Neill-Fraser – 10th anniversary of two catastrophes

Jan 23  Sue Neill-Fraser case media frenzy coming

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