Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.


Bob was born in England in 1943 and came to Melbourne, Australia as a child in 1950. Bob excelled in science and eventually moved to Hobart, where he worked for many years as a radiation physicist at the Holman Clinic, Royal Hobart Hospital. Bob had two daughters and a son, and some time after splitting up from his wife met Susan (Sue) Neill-Fraser. They started living together when Sue’s two girls, Emma and Sarah, were very young – and they lived as a happy family unit in West Hobart. Bob had a dry sense of humour and was appreciated for his great cooking skills and his extensive knowledge of politics, history and literature.

Bob was last seen on Australia Day, January 26, 2009



Sue Neill-Fraser was born in Scotland in 1954, and spent her early years in Edinburgh. She has a younger brother Patrick. She has a deep passion for animals, often rescuing ‘homeless’ animals. Sue became a talented horsewoman winning many competitions. Sue eventually settled in Tasmania and started a riding school. In 1981 Sue married Brett Meeker and had two daughters Emma and Sarah. Brett, now her ex-husband, fondly recalls; ‘Sue was an extremely loving mother who worked hard in order to give our daughters the best opportunity in life – the kids are a credit to her, she is an exceptional mother’.

Sue and Bob met in 1989. They had a strong relationship – a profound understanding of each other’s unique personalities, intellectual respect, companionship, and a deep love. They spent their last couple of years searching for a special yacht for their retirement. They found Four Winds at Scarborough Marina, Queensland and had only had the boat in Hobart one month before Bob disappeared.

Sue has been in Risdon Women’s prison since her arrest on 20 August 2009. Her sentence was reduced from 26 years to 23 years. Sue vehemently denies any involvement in Bob’s disappearance, and has the patience of a spider, awaiting justice to grace her plight.



Sue's daughter

Sarah, a Hobart-based nurse, is the younger of Sue’s two daughters. Amidst the grief of losing her stepfather, she and husband Mark were forced to put their lives on hold after her mother’s arrest and subsequent conviction. Sarah has been fighting for Sue’s freedom and legal reform for over nine years, in one of the most drawn out and controversial wrongful conviction cases in Tasmania’s history.

Living in state split by polarised views about Bob’s disappearance has required unimaginable levels of resilience and stoicism. She now faces the heartbreaking reality of explaining to her children why their grandmother has not been able to see them grow up.



Colin served in Australia’s elite crime squads investigating Australia’s most horrendous crimes. He was a team leader on a kidnapping and murder investigation of little girls and (later) on the Walsh Street police murders as well as the bombing of the NCA law enforcement building, and murder. He served on more task forces than any serving detective of his time and sent Australia’s mafia godfather to jail (and 10 other bosses) by going undercover in the country’s largest ever covert sting, posing as a drug dealing money launderer. He wrote the detective training course on how to investigate crime scenes; Field Investigations. A successful author, Colin has written six books. He has also produced and been on-screen in dozens of documentary shows and episodes, all to do with crimes, cold cases and police cover ups.



Eve is a psychologist and author, who has produced hundreds of short films, documentaries and TV episodes, winning over 150 awards including Telstra Businesswoman of the Year. She founded Seven Dimensions, producing the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy business series in the US, and is an international public speaker. Eve is currently completing a feature documentary about her own family secret Man on the Bus.

Eve has been examining and filming the Sue Neill-Fraser case since 2009. She produced the award winning feature documentary, Shadow of Doubt screened on Foxtel Ci and theatrically in Tasmania, to highlight the miscarriage of justice. In 2016, Eve teamed up with Tim Smart to form production company, Missing Man, and they partnered with CJZ to produce Undercurrent (6 x 1 hour episodes) for the Seven Network. Determined to uncover the truth, she sought help from former homicide detective, Colin McLaren, but never anticipated the outcome.



Former Detective Inspector

(retired) Detective Inspector Peter Powell, Tasmania Police was in charge of Hobart Criminal Investigation Branch in 2009. Like Sue Neill-Fraser, Peter is originally from the UK and immigrated to Australia and became a policeman. Peter headed up the investigation into Sue and managed his small team of detectives, handling all media releases and the direction of the case. He says this case is intriguing because Mr Chappell’s body was never found, there were no eye-witness to what had happened and Sue Neill-Fraser never confessed to killing him. However, he is certain Sue Neill-Fraser killed Bob Chappell.