Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

"There are serious doubts about the guilt of Susan Neill-Fraser, so much so, that an enquiry into the case is essential to restore confidence in Tasmanian justice."

Chester Porter QC

"… the greatest miscarriage of justice in this country since Chamberlain… there’s significant DNA and other evidentiary material to require answers. This case requires a full judicial inquiry into the investigation and prosecution of the case."

Robert Richter QC

"I studied a large number of miscarriages of justice cases from Australia, the UK and Canada… the conviction of Sue Neil-Fraser does not comply with the Australian law on this topic. Special legal rules apply to circumstantial evidence cases such as this. The law says that the guilt of the accused must be the only rational explanation consistent with the evidence. If there is another rational explanation consistent with the available evidence then the accused must not be convicted… there is no evidence to show that Sue NF was involved with that and certainly, not to the exclusion of everyone else who may be a suspect."

Dr Robert Moles Miscarriages of Justice expert and author

"Police filter the truth. Forensic science is abused. The prosecutor invents a murder weapon, and the judge agrees. A miscarriage of justice so blatant you won’t believe it possible in 21st C Australia."

Bill Rowlings Civil Liberties Australia

"… abysmal police crime scene skills, shoddy investigative principles and procedures and an alarming case of tunnel vision. Sue Neill-Fraser suffered the worst miscarriage of justice I have ever seen."

Colin McLaren Former Homicide Task Force Team Leader

"It’s basic detective work. I’m embarrassed that these people down in Tasmania call themselves detectives in relation to the standard of the investigation that they’ve carried out. An innocent person is being wrongly convicted and that should be addressed. If you’re telling people this story they wouldn’t believe it, in this day and age… it is frightening stuff because you are talking about people’s lives."

Charlie Bezzina Veteran Homicide Squad Team Leader

"The most appalling aspects of this case are reminiscent of the Lindy Chamberlain case, in that there is no body, no witnesses, no murder weapon, no motive and not even forensic evidence to prove Sue killed her partner, yet she was convicted… I started having sleepless, mentally tortured nights over it and in a constant sense of outrage."

Andrew Urban Founder,