Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

Southern Justice

Colin McLaren

Who really murdered Bob Chappell? Veteran ex-detective and author of JFK: The Smoking Gun, Colin McLaren, uncovers disturbing new evidence that an innocent woman is in jail.

Daybreak, Sandy Bay, Hobart, 27 January 2009. A yacht, the Four Winds, is seen listing low to the waterline. When police board the sinking vessel there is no sign of the owners, Bob Chappell and Sue Neill-Fraser but, disturbingly, they find blood and a knife.

Bob Chappell is never seen again. The blood spatter leads police to the conclusion that he has been murdered. Remarkably, Sue Neill-Fraser is arrested, found guilty and sentenced to 26 years' imprisonment.

May, 2016. Bestselling true-crime author Colin McLaren probes the notorious cold case that grips Australia. What he discovers shocks him. No body, no motive, no witnesses, a puddle of unexplained DNA liquid, undisclosed police documents, insubstantial scenarios - all lead him to believe Sue Neill-Fraser was wrongly convicted. He is not alone, as lawyers line up to help her.

August 2017. Sue Neill-Fraser remains in prison. When questions are asked of her conviction, new witnesses are charged, including a lawyer, and unbearable pressure is applied until, fearing for his own liberty, Colin McLaren flees the country. Southern Justice lays out the evidence that should force a Royal Commission to reopen the case and exonerate an innocent woman.

The guilty are still out there!

"… the worst miscarriage of justice in Australia's history"

Robert Richter QC

"Witness coercion. Unjustified secret surveillance. Proven incompetence. Corruption by confirmation bias, Standover tactics. Bending laws to their own ends... ‘Southern Justice’, a new book by Colin McLaren, exposes and details how justice has gone rogue in Tasmania…It’s a cracking read!" read full review

Bill Rowlings CEO of Civil Liberties Australia

"It’s riveting, infuriating, exciting; I couldn’t put it down…. Effectively blending his ace detective and writing skills, McLaren takes the reader on an urgent journey to thoroughly investigate the people and events surrounding the disappearance of Bob Chappell sometime on January 26/27, 2009." read full review

Andrew L. Urban. Founder,

"This book is deeply disturbing. It should be read by all Australians who believe in a ‘fair-go’ ‘the rule of law’ and human rights. If McLaren can substantiate the claims which he has made in this book (and I am confident that he can) then we are all in trouble." read full review

Dr Robert N Moles Networked Knowledge

Colin McLaren – Author and investigative Journalist

Colin McLaren was one of Australia's finest detectives; he travelled the world on high-end investigations during the 1980s and 1990s. He faced down the underbelly of Australian crime and his work has been the subject of many police genre documentaries and television series. A film of his hugely successful first book, INFILTRATION, the true story of his efforts as an undercover cop, was made in 2011. Colin writes constantly and is a regular advisor to TV and cinema productions. His investigation into JFK s death has been exhaustive: he spent 4.5 years on his cold case study and forensic analysis of all the testimonies and police reports to uncover the truth. He has made a powerful US-based documentary about JFK's murder that will screen worldwide in November 2013 - the fiftieth anniversary of the President's death.