Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.


20 Aug 2021 12th anniversary of Sue’s arrest
1-3 Mar 2021 Sue’s appeal heard in Supreme Court of Tasmania Before Justices Wood, Estcourt and Pearce. Sue’s legal team: Robert Richter QC, Chris Carr SC, Paul Smallwood, Paul Galbally. Prosecution: DPP Darryl Coates SC and Jack Shapiro
26 Jan 2021 12th anniversary of Bob Chappell’s disappearance
2 Aug 2019 Sue Neill-Fraser lodges application for Appeal with fresh and compelling evidence
21 Mar 2019 Sue Neill-Fraser granted Leave to Appeal by Justice Brett
5-6 Feb 2019 Leave to Appeal continues, witnesses called
31 Aug 2018 Leave to Appeal continues, witnesses called
22-23 Aug 2018 Leave to Appeal continues, witnesses called
8 Mar 2018 Leave to Appeal continues, witnesses called
30 Oct - 1 Nov 2017 Leave to Appeal commences before Brett J, witnesses called
31 Jan 2016 Sue Neill-Fraser lodges new appeal with new legal team, headed by Tom Percy QC
2 Nov 2015 New Right to Appeal law passed in Tasmania.
17 Jan 2014 Coroner’s findings supported trial outcome.
7 Sept 2012 Refused leave to appeal to Australian High Court.
6 Mar 2012 Appeal dismissed, sentence reduced from 26 to 23 years.
11 Aug 2011 Court of Criminal Appeal hears Sue’s case.
27 Oct 2010 Sue is sentenced to 26 years in prison.
21 Sept 2010 Trial commences in Hobart and Sue is found guilty on October 15.
7 Apr 2010 DNA of Person E, found on deck of Four Winds yacht, is reported as match to 'street kid' Meaghan Vass
20 Aug 2009 Sue Neill-Fraser arrested, no bail.
27 Jan 2009 6am Four Winds sinking on mooring, Sue’s dinghy found in different place near Rowing shed rocks.
26 Jan 2009 Bob last seen alive by his sister Anne Sanchez at breakfast and by Sue (on board yacht Four Winds) early afternoon.