Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.


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Undercurrent: Real Murder Investigation

6 x 1 hr TV series on Channel 7

Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Dawn.. January 27, 2009.

Mother of two, Sue Neill-Fraser, 55, is woken by a call from the police – her yacht is sinking out in the bay. Sue’s partner, Bob Chappell, who was sleeping on board, has disappeared. The boat has been sabotaged, blood spatters are found inside, a knife lies on the floor. Bob is never seen again, dead or alive. Sue soon becomes a suspect in Bob’s murder investigation. During interviews with detectives, she is caught in a string of lies. Seven months later, detectives arrest Sue, charging her with murder. Sue strongly maintains her innocence. While evidence is circumstantial and there is no body, the case is strong enough to go to court. After a high-profile murder trial that splits the tight Hobart community, Sue is found guilty. In October 2010, she is sentenced to 26-years in prison. 

But this case is far from closed… some supporters refuse to accept that Sue Neill-Fraser is a killer and they begin their own investigation, much of it filmed as it happens. This is the story of Undercurrent, a 6 x one hour true-crime series in the tradition of The Jinx and Making a Murderer. An active, unfolding investigation with twists, revelations and cliff-hangers. A series with the potential to divide opinion and spark debate across the country, right up to the dramatic final episode when the threads come together and the truth is revealed. 

Undercurrent is a CJZ and Missing Man co-production for Channel Seven.

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Andrew L. Urban. Founder,

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The Sydney Morning Herald

Eve Ash – Executive Producer & Main Cast

Eve Ash is a psychologist and author, who has produced hundreds of short films, documentaries and TV episodes, winning over 150 awards including Telstra Businesswoman of the Year. She founded Seven Dimensions, producing the Cutting Edge Communication Comedy business series in the US, and is an international public speaker. Eve has been examining and filming the Sue Neill-Fraser case since 2009. She produced the award winning feature documentary, Shadow of Doubt and teamed up with Tim Smart to form production company, Missing Man, then partnered with CJZ to produce Undercurrent for the Seven Network. Determined to uncover the truth, she sought help from former homicide detective, Colin McLaren, but never anticipated the outcome.


Colin McLaren – Main Cast
Former Homicide Detective

Colin served in Australia’s elite crime squads investigating Australia’s most horrendous crimes. He was a team leader on a kidnapping and murder investigation of little girls and (later) on the Walsh Street police murders as well as the bombing of the NCA law enforcement building. He served on more task forces than any serving detective of his time and sent Australia’s mafia godfather to jail (and 10 other bosses) by going undercover in the country’s largest ever covert sting, posing as a drug dealing money launderer.

A successful author, Colin has written six books. His first book, ‘Infiltration‘ is still the largest selling crime genre book of the past 10 years. It was turned into an Underbelly movie in 2011, starring Sullivan Stapleton. He has also been technical adviser on Telemovies and has written storyline material for many TV series. In all, Colin has appeared on more than two hundred USA, Canadian and Australian media outlets discussing his projects. Colin produced the 2014 Los Angeles TV show Inside the Evidence, and later the documentary JFK - The Smoking Gun, Princess Diana's Death- Mystery Solved and the NYC Series Mafia Killers by Colin McLaren. His latest work – Undercurrent TV Series and his most recent book, Southern Justice, expose a shocking wrongful incarceration for murder.


Sarah Bowles
Sue Neil-Fraser's daughter

Sarah, a Hobart-based nurse, is the younger of Sue’s two daughters. Amidst the grief of losing her stepfather, she and husband Mark were forced to put their lives on hold after her mother’s arrest and subsequent conviction.

Sarah has been fighting for Sue’s freedom and legal reform for nine years, in one of the most drawn out and controversial wrongful conviction cases in Tasmania’s history.

Living in state split by polarised views about Bob’s disappearance has required unimaginable levels of resilience and stoicism. She now faces the heartbreaking reality of explaining to her children why her grandmother has not been able to see them grow up.