Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG!
There needs to be a Royal Commission.

2021 31 Aug  TAS Parliament – Legislative Council
The Hon Mike Gaffney MLC presented critical failures with the Sue Neill-Fraser case arguing the case should be re-opened by the Attorney General. Watch Video – Timecode: 16:48 - 23:29

2021 04 Mar Herald Sun Sue Neill-Fraser appeal ends

2021 03 Mar Daily Telegraph - Video Neill-Fraser must be cleared: daughter

2021 03 Mar Herald Sun - Video Sue Neill-Fraser’s daughter speaks




2020 Oct 02

Charlie Bezzina interview - Sue Neill-Fraser innocent

Sue Neill-Fraser arrest 10th anniversary on channel seven sunrise

Sunrise 7

2019 Aug 19

Sue Neill-Fraser still in jail - 10 years!

Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal

A Current Affair

2019 Apr 2

Sue Neill-Fraser wins right to appeal


7 News

2019 Mar 21

A Tasmanian Court has now ruled that Susan Neill-Fraser can appeal her conviction.


60 Minutes

2019 Mar 9

The woman who says she saw one of Australia's most shocking murders breaks her ten-year silence.


60 Minutes

2019 Mar 9

Eyewitness account could be a "game changer" for Sue Neill-Fraser


60 Minutes

2019 Mar 9

Former police detective Colin McLaren on uncovering flaws in Bob Chappell's murder case


ABC Overnights

2019 Feb 28

Trevor talks with Eve about True Crime podcasts and Undercurrent (Starts at 41:41)


Channel 9

2019 Feb 15

Why can't the authorities say they got it wrong?



2019 Jan 30

Lost at sea

sarah bowles court tas

Herald Sun

2019 Feb 6

Sue Neill-Fraser's daughter Sarah Bowles talks outside the supreme court of Tasmania

ABC radio - Nightlife with Philip Clark

2019 31 Jan  The greatest miscarriage of justice in Australian history?
It's the murder case and conviction that's divided Tasmania: is Sue Neill Fraser innocent of the murder of her partner Bob Chappell in 2009?

Former Police Sergeant turned true-crime writer and documentary maker Colin McLaren told Philip Clark that while he was sceptical at first, his investigations have caused him to believe she is completely innocent of the crime she's in jail for.

Download this podcast here

2GB 873AM

2019 Jan 30  Who really killed Bob Chappell?Retired homicide detective Colin McLaren talks his book Southern Justice detailing the 2009 disappearance of physicist Bob Chappell. Screening concurrently on Channel 7 as a six-part series Undercurrent; was the charged killer actually responsible?

Download this podcast here

3AW Breakfast with Ross and John

2019 Jan 30  Colin McLaren talks the 2009 disappearance of physicist Bob Chappell. Segment starts at 1:10:55


Channel 10

2018 Sept 17

Andrew L. Urban joins the panel on TEN TV’s Studio 10 to discuss his book, Murder by the Prosecution (Wilkinson Publishing)


Herald Sun

2018 Mar 9

Sarah Bowles speaks outside the Supreme Court in Hobart


The Mercury

2018 Nov 7

Sue Neill-Fraser's daughter Sarah Bowles talks about the court case.


The Mercury

2018 Aug 22

Daughter confident Susan Neill-Fraser can win second appeal against her murder conviction


Tasmania Police

2014 Aug 26

Detective Inspector Peter Powell talks about the Sue Neill-Fraser case.


ABC News (Australia)

2010 Sept 22

The son of missing Hobart cancer specialist Bob Chappell has given evidence at the murder trial of his father's long-term partner.


ABC News (Australia)

2010 Oct 4

Murder accused Susan Neill-Fraser has told Tasmania's Supreme Court that she returned to the yacht where her partner was last seen late on the night he disappeared.